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Case study

TOSS series has the No. 1 share of the international logistics system, and numbers of our clients have enjoyed their experience.




TOSS-CUSTOM / D, an automatic tariff and consumption tax calculation system 50 license linked with the automatic invoice reading function by TOSS-OCR, has started operation at a major customs broker.

Export system TOSS-SP 55 license, which connects 4 overseas bases of a major general trading company, has started full-scale operation on schedule.

About the connection with “TOSS”, the No.1 share systems of international logistics
systems and “TradeWaltz”, the platform of trading completely digitization.

Realized a dialogue with Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki, CEO of SAP Japan!
Check the MOVIE about the strong cooperation between SAP and BINAL.

Chinami Suzuki has been appointed as a new image character.

Mr. Suzuki, CEO of SAP Japan, talked with us. The MOVIE coming soon.

We have received an order for 50 licenses of the trade business management system TOSS-SP from a major electric power related equipment manufacturer forwarder.
Efforts to improve the efficiency of forwarding operations by linking data with shippers are increasing.

We have received an order for 30 licenses of the trade business management system TOSS-SP from a major electronic component manufacturer.

Published TOSS-SP on SAP Store.

Hangzhou R&D Center has started full-scale operation.

What Is Binal?


BINAL Co., Ltd., was founded in 1979. Since we successfully commercialized the TOSS series which includes the export-import trade operation system and customs clearance system, we have been committed to developing systems in this industry.
As a result, we have a wealth of experience connected to systems and solutions. We are pleased to hear domestic and overseas customers are satisfied.

We are grateful for continuous support from the customers all along. We aspire to grow so that TOSS series will always be recognized as the global standard of the logistics system.


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