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Case study

TOSS series has the No. 1 share of the international logistics system, and numbers of our clients have enjoyed their experience.




The future of the blockchain technology of global logistics talked by Mr. Yoichi Ochiai and TradeWaltz.
They also introduce our TOSS.
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BINAL has received an order for a export management system TOSS-SP 40 license from major manufacturer of chemical and resin products.
It is attracting attention as a decisive factor in reforming export operations from Japan to all over Asia.

BINAL has received an order for a trade business management system TOSS-SP and a business process management system TOSS-LOGIWORKS 20 license from a major non-ferrous metal manufacturer in the field of resources and energy.
They expect a synergistic effect from collaboration with SAP S/4HANA.

BINAL has introduced two EVs as our business vehicles in accordance with the government’s carbon neutral promotion policy.

We received a large order from the largest manufacturer of materials, biotechnology and electronics for the export / import / trilateral trade system TOSS-SP as a sub ERP system.
The TOSS system greatly contributes to in-house DX support.

We received a bulk order for export / import software TOSS-SP as an ASEAN global system from a general trading company that handles synthetic resins, cosmetics, chemicals, and electronic materials.
This news is getting a lot of attention in the industry.

We have received an order for the integrated core system TOSS-LOGIPORT from a major forwarder in the port transportation industry, customs clearance industry, and warehousing industry. This promotes paperless operations.

We received an order for 80 licenses of customs declared amount automatic calculation system TOSS-CUSTOM/D from a company with a very famous courier service

We have received an order the export management system TOSS-SP from a major drugstore-chain company in the Tokai region.

Deloitte Tohmatsu, TradeWaltz, and BINAL collaborate to launch an “Electronic Bookkeeping Support” consulting service with the aim of completely digitizing trade.
~Because of the Electronic Bookkeeping Law in October last year and the issuance of the Customs Law in April~

What Is Binal?


BINAL Co., Ltd., was founded in 1979. Since we successfully commercialized the TOSS series which includes the export-import trade operation system and customs clearance system, we have been committed to developing systems in this industry.
As a result, we have a wealth of experience connected to systems and solutions. We are pleased to hear domestic and overseas customers are satisfied.

We are grateful for continuous support from the customers all along. We aspire to grow so that TOSS series will always be recognized as the global standard of the logistics system.


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