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TOSS series has the No. 1 share of the international logistics system, and numbers of our clients have enjoyed their experience.




You can trade more easily.
The service that makes staff around the world easier.

TOSS Series On-Line seminar!
You can join from distant place.

The amount of solar power has exceeded 2 million kWh!

Every schedule from shipment, customs clearance, arrival date and settlement can be visualized.
Real-time progress confirmation adds new value to global logistics. Please check the MOVIE!

We work normally while preventing COVID-19.
You can ask us anything.

We have started development of an AI system linked to an export, import and customs clearance support system at a new base in Hangzhou, China.
It will be released in early 2021.

We received an big order for 200 licenses of customs clearance support system TOSS-LOGIPORT from one of the largest warehouse company.

We received order for 5 licenses of import system TOSS-SP from one of the Major non-ferrous metal handling company.

BINAL Asia Pacific (SG) Pte.Ltd. has moved to new office.

The Kyoto Marathon 2020 was held and our employees completed the race!
Thank you for your encouragement.

What Is Binal?


BINAL Co., Ltd., was founded in 1979. Since we successfully commercialized the TOSS series which includes the export-import trade operation system and customs clearance system, we have been committed to developing systems in this industry.
As a result, we have a wealth of experience connected to systems and solutions. We are pleased to hear domestic and overseas customers are satisfied.

We are grateful for continuous support from the customers all along. We aspire to grow so that TOSS series will always be recognized as the global standard of the logistics system.


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