Reasons to choose TOSS

Reasons to choose TOSS

Reasons to choose TOSS


Because our sales, system engineers and programmers are knowledgeable of international logistics operation, and experience in operation hearing and requirements definition.


Because TOSS is specialized for export/import operation and customs operation and integrates a longtime accumulation of operational know-how.


Because TOSS can handle the realistic process in all situations, by user-friendly design with thorough knowledge of the trading operation and customs.


Because TOSS has overcome the diversity of operations depending on goods, customers’ countries for international logistics export/import operation. Same for the customs operation. TOSS-LOGIPORT can cover most of those with the package system.


Because we have records of ERP system linking with numerous basic systems. Approx. 80% of our customers request these linking and we have made all the operations delivered perfectly in schedule.


Because we provide helpful and speedy after-sales service for each customer despite TOSS system being a package software which the customers appreciate. We provide outstanding after-sales service with a solid structure with engineer deployed in Nagoya main office, Tokyo branch and Osaka branch.


Because customers can trust us, as we never ask for additional payment, delivery delay for most of the cases with specification change, an additional specification for TOSS system customization.


Because BINAL hires more than 25 system engineers and more than 50 programmers, and able to start up a large programming project immediately, in order to meet the customers’ system size enlarging with superior and complex needs in recent years.


Because our numerous records of trading software and customs systems, the oldest in Japan, made possible to provide an excellent system in a short delivery schedule with low cost.


Because system prices are clearly specified for the TOSS series including export system, import system, and customs system, therefore customers can budget with comfort. BINAL’s TOSS series is the only system with a clear standard price tag.

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