TOSS Features

TOSS Features

TOSS Features

Long History

  • TOSS was released as the first trading software to operate on PC in Japan.
  • TOSS boast to be the Japan’s oldest single special operation system.
  • It has gone through 6 major update, N-88 ver., DOS ver., ACCESS ver., ORACLE ver., JAVA ver. and .net ver.

Thorough Knowledge of the Operation.

  • Ask anything about this industry.
  • Staffs with expertise with international logistics such as export and import operation, accounting, customs operation, etc., will propose the system best fit for you.
  • We can give the best solution in the shortest time from our development experience from customizing for numerous industries before.


  • “TOSS is the only choice for a trading software in line with the field.” (Loading Contact, Trading Company X)
  • This is the voice from an actual user. TOSS fans are still increasing, today.

Various Functions

  • All the essential functions for the operation are included as standard.
  • Our customers are satisfied with the basic system link, data history, and authorization functions these days.
  • TOSS of the trading operation, the strength of Samson.

Easy to Link

  • TOSS system has a history of data-link with numerous basic systems, to this day.
  • We have records with countless ERP systems specifically, production management system, receiving and placing order, sales, purchase, inventory control system, financial accounting system, SAP/R3, etc. TOSS is a highly compatible system.

Low Cost

  • This could be the biggest feature. The reason of this low cost is mass distribution.
  • Feel free to request an estimate. We believe TOSS can meet your needs.

Substantial and Reassuring After-sales Service

  • The average user visits in a year after the system introduction is 5.8 times (an internal investigation). Feel the fluid operability.
  • TOSS system will security to your company.

TOSS has no border.

  • Currently, TOSS system is active in 9 countries, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, USA, France, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
  • There are 80 users in China already.
  • An extensive amount of invoices output from the TOSS system are flying all over the world today.

TOSS is the leader of the industry.

  • TOSS has simplified the old habits of the industry in the past.
  • Our formats for invoice and packing list etc. is now becoming the world standard.
  • We will contribute to your international logistics operations with an excellent system.

In the end, what counts is trust with the customer.

  • What I’ve been feeling in the last 40 years, is that the trust with the customer is what matters the most in the end.
  • In fact, TOSS marked an unbelievable data that 78% of TOSS users are repeaters (an internal investigation).

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