Variety of Optional Functions

Variety of Optional Functions

TOSS System Optional Functions

We introduce applications of the latest optional functions and additional module functions. TOSS system aims for better usability.

1.Data Viewer Option (BI Tool)

Dynamically visualizes the total results using the data of TOSS system

Turn various data surrounding the company into valuable real-time information. It is the information application dashboard with both expressiveness and analytical capacity.

Price:180,000 yen and up

Requires separate maintenance support contract.

2.Document Control Option

TOSSFiling all the data in different formats created with TOSS or other systems. Quickly search related files with keywords. Management of export/import document and counter-action for post-project survey.

Price:800,000 yen and up

Requires separate special server and oracle license

Does not support electronic account book storage.

Requires separate maintenance support contract.

Optional Functions of Applications Features

Quick Operation
  • Only requires an update of the existing system. Use the optional functions right away.
Low Cost
  • Options are available in stable prices because of the package features.
Stable Operation
  • Safe and secure complete options adopted and operating many companies.

New Functional Options: NEW Version S TOSS-LOGIPORT

More expandability and flexibility of the application by enforcing usability and functions and using all the new tools.Immediately meet any requirements in the business environment.

Operation Process Management LOGIWORKS (Process pattern design)

Operation Process Management LOGIWORKS (Support for SCM)

Visualization of the information (real-time status grasp): Integrate the operation progress data of international logistics and manage the progress status for each operation progress group. Color-code depending on the status of the schedule to bring caution.

Directly access the TOSS database and displays the information updated on the basic system side.

Operation Process Management LOGIWORKS (Process pattern master)

  • Set the process pattern as you wish to depend on the operations.
  • Bring attention to date items close to scheduled date by color coding.
  • Inputs and corrections made in the operation will be automatically reflected on the process management screen.
  • Switch the view screen for each process pattern to check.

Operation Process Management OP (Search and View Screen)

  • Share the progress status associated with S/I (Control Number) between all locations and departments
  • Efficient routine work such as operation instruction, progress status and information storage between groups and departments
  • Helps decision-making and makes information communication more accurate and fast
  • The web system is easy to comprehend the progress status on per-location and per-department. Real-time update the system change with the direct connection to DB.
  • Link the multifunctional machine with document control to auto-save the scanned data.

2.Document Control Function (digitize ledgers per-control number)

Document Control Functions OP (Required for AEO qualifications or post project survey)

  • Integrate with the operation process management and save the shippers’ INVOICE/PACKING LIST, all the arrangement document such as cargo-handling, B/L, AWB, declaration permit, etc. Read the output QR code with the multifunctional machine to save all together in the document control DB.
  • Set the extraction condition to extract the associated document to the condition immediately.

3.Data Browser IM (Data Acquisition Free Design)

Data Browser IM (Data Acquisition Free Design Function)

  • Quick import the batch invoice data (CASS/Agent Invoice) etc., from other companies to the TOSS system.
  • Setting the data layout on the screen enables to propagate shipper or airline agents etc., invoice data as payment data per-invoice number. Reduce significant time and effort for data input.

4.Data Browser EX (Data Ledger Free Design)

Data Browser EX (Data Output Free Design Function)

  • Define output on TOSS to output freely as EXCEL or TEXT (CSV).
  • Easy to create management ledger or external output data as required.

5.Data Viewer (visualize statistic result)

Data Viewer Management

Turn various data surrounding the company into valuable real-time information. It is the information application dashboard with both expressiveness and analytical capacity.
*Quoted from MotionBoard from Wing Arc.

  • Directly connect the input information on the system and dynamically visualizes the total results as requested.
  • Update data in real-time and capture the change of status.

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