Link with Other System

Link with Other System

Link with Other System

Building foreign currency information or invoice creation function in a basic system requires a massive system modification and cost. Low cost system construction is possible by linking the basic system with TOSS.

Ex 1: I want to convert the purchase data in US$ input on TOSS-IMPORT to Yen and transfer to the basic system.

TOSS can convert the purchase information input in foreign currency into JPY. Eliminate the problem of the basic without foreign currency by linking with TOSS.

Convert the unit cost registered at TOSS-IMPORT in foreign currency into Yen with purchase appropriation rate. Input the expenses, and TOSS-IMPORT will automatically calculate the cost including the expenses. The cost calculation data turns into the purchase data of the basic system. Systemizing the troublesome cost calculation will surely improve efficiency.

Ex 2: I want to create the INVOICE with the shipping data input on the basic system.

Import the shipping data to TOSS and output the INVOICE right away.

transfer the customer code, product code, and quantity from the basic system, and reference the TOSS master and load English customer name, English product name, foreign currency unit cost from the TOSS master. This enables to automatically display the overseas information not included in the basic system, on the INVOICE.

Ex 3: Can I link with commercially available merchandise/inventory control system?

TOSS records of system introduction for many merchandise control systems. *Confirm to our sales contact for details about the merchandise control software.

Capable of transmitting/receiving with a standard format for general acquisition function prepared by the uncustomizable commercial merchandise control system. Make the most of the benefits of package software.

Data linkage with ERP systems

We have many achievements in data linkage with many major ERP systems.
Fujitsu GLOVIA
Oracle EBS
Hitachi Systems FutureStage
OBC Bugyo Series
NTT DATA Biz∫ Series

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