Company Name BINAL Co., Ltd.
Head Office Address Taiju Seimei Nagoya Bldg. 7F, 1-4-6, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi
Business Activities Software designing, developing and selling
Capital 80 million yen
Accounting Month August
Chairman and executive director/CEO Haruhiko Okamoto
Executive vice-president Hiroyuki Yamashita
Board members Sumiyoshi Okamoto, Osamu Higuchi, Takaaki Yoshida, Shinji Aoyama, Susumu Takamure, Tatsuya Yamaguchi, Huang Ninglin
Auditor Harumitsu Yasuda
Advisor Noriaki Matsuda, Yoshikazu Kai
Establishment April 1979
Company Groupings Independent
Number of Employees 133(Sales 29, SE 33, PG 61, Other 10)
Related Group Companies None
Business Locations Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Singapore
Development Base Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Shenyang, Hangzhou and Singapore
Groups etc The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, JETRO, TKC, JIFFA, TradeWaltz, JAPAN SAP USERS’ GROUP

Investors Relations 38th Term (August 2020)

38th Term 37th Term
Sales 1.3 billion 72 million yen 1.1 billion 29 million yen
Gross Profit on Sales 1 billion 4 million yen 782 million yen
Ordinary Profit 363 million yen 102.9 million yen
Net Profit Before Tax 158 million yen 67.7 million yen
Corporation Tax, Business Tax etc. 62 million yen 18.5 million yen
Current Net Profit 96 million yen 49.1 million yen
Ratio of Worth 31.9% 43.8%
Margin of Safety 28.2% 9.8%
Stock Price approx. 90,000 yen/stock approx. 88,000 yen/stock


  • Apr.Established as a business machine marketer.

  • Oct.Opened the computer class.
    Nov.Started developing TOSS export business system.
    Dec.Incorporated as Okamoto & Co., Ltd.

  • Dec.Successfully commercialized TOSS.

  • Jan.Established Tokyo branch.

  • Sept.Established Osaka branch.

  • JuneIncrease the capital to 12.4 million.
    JulyChanged the company name to BINAL Co., Ltd.

  • JuneStarted developing IOMS Import business system.

  • Mar.Released IOMS.
    Oct.Established Fukuoka service office.

  • Oct.BINAL Topics was first published.
    Nov.Established Mie warehouse.

  • Mar.Increase the capital to 35 million.
    Dec.Release TOSS-DASH Oracle ver. customs clearance system.

  • Apr.Started a business alliance with and an OEM supply to Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi

  • Jan.Commercialized TOSS-WEB OPTION
    Aug.Brought system online for operation between the main office and Tokyo branch.

  • JulyEstablished representative office in Shanghai and Dalian.

  • Apr.Started the full-scale sales of TOSS series in China.

  • Nov.Commercialized TOSS series JAVA ver.

  • MayMoved the Tokyo branch to Yayoi Bldg.

  • JulyMoved the Osaka branch to Toyoshiro Bldg.

  • Apr.Celebrated the 30th anniversary of the founding.
    JulyReleased the TOSS-SP .NET ver.

  • Aug.Increase the company capital to 80 million.
    Oct.Moved the Tokyo branch to Yaesu.

  • Feb.Updated the full version of the forwarder, port logistics and customs clearance support system, TOSS-LOGIPORT.

  • Feb.Moved the Nagoya main office to Shinsakaemachi, Naka-ku.

  • Jan.Moved the Osaka branch to Kitakyuhojimachi, Chuo-ku.
    Mar.Composed the company song in New York.
    Mar.Started a solar power generation business in Inabe, Mie.

  • Apr.Recruited 13 new employees.
    Oct.Implemented new equipment for security enhancement in Nagoya main office.

  • Apr.5 new sales and system engineer employees entered the company.
    Oct.Started business alliance with SAP to adopt their database.

  • Apr.Broadcasted the company’s first TV commercial on TBS Television.
    Oct.Joined Japan International Freight Forwarder Association Inc., (supporting member).

  • Feb.Contracted with Haruka Christine as our company ambassador.
    Oct.Commercialized the TOSS system cloud version.

  • Feb.Contracted with Yumi Karahashi as our company ambassador.
    Dec.Passed 7,050 TOSS system users.

  • Jan.We made a work partnership with ABBYY. About OCR engine, they proud of the highest technology and No.1 share in the world.
    Mar.We established our subsidiary in Singapore.(BINAL Asia Pacific (SG) Pte. Ltd.)
    Apr.We received an award SAP that gives to only 30 companies around the world, noone received in Japan.(SAP Pinnacle Awards 2019)

  • Apr.Established R&D Center in Hangzhou, China
    Apr.More than 80% of employees carry out telework in accordance with the Japanese government’s declaration of an emergency following the spread of COVID-19.
    Sept.Passed 7,140 TOSS system users.
    Dec.Realized a dialogue with Mr. Suzuki, CEO of SAP Japan!

  • Feb.Contracted with Mrs. Chinami Suzuki as our company ambassador.
    Mar.BINAL has entered into a business alliance with TradeWaltz Inc., which develops a fully electronic trade platform.
    MayMoved HQ to a TOP-CLASS office district in Nagoya.


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