For the Earth

For the Earth

BINAL’s 10 Policies for Environmental Protection
~Corporate Social Responsibility~

Our Practice

  • Enforce Cool Biz campaign in the summer.
  • Encourage heavy dressing in the winter.
  • The paperless operation for in-house operation.
  • Partial lights-out for one hour during the lunch break.
  • Diligently turn off PCs or OA equipment.
  • Use recycled paper for printed matters such as catalogs, business cards.
  • Utilize equipment as long as possible.
  • Avoid commuting and visiting by car as much as possible.
  • Promote waste reduction.
  • Send mails and parcel deliveries together as much as possible.
BINAL Slogan Start from what we can do. (CSR Activity Manager: Noriaki Matsuda)

The amount of solar power has exceeded 2 million kWh!

As of May 2020, the amount of solar power generation has reached 2 million kWh.
As a result, the CO2 reduction effect of about 630 tons can be expected with the monthly power consumption of about 6,700 ordinary households.
We continue to properly manage and operate solar power generation equipment to contribute to global environmental conservation.

Our Solar Power Generation Business makes a significant contribution to global environmental protection.

We achieved total electric power generation 1.3 million kWh in December 2017 with the solar power generation business started from November 2013.
This is equivalent of the electric energy the latest large-sized thermal power stations or a nuclear power plant can generate in an hour. It can also supply for the power consumption of 4,300 households for a month.
We will continue to contribute to global environmental protection through ecological activities, including Solar Power Generation Business.

Built a Solar Power Plant in approx. 5,000 m2 site.

BINAL Solar Park Power Plant No. 1

BINAL Solar Park Power Plant No. 1

BINAL Solar Park Power Plant No. 2


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