BINAL considers that “always striving to improve itself as a good corporate citizen and serving society through the provision of an excellent international logistics system” is our greatest value. As a member of a company engaged in the global trade industry, our mission is to contribute to the development of civilization and the economy of Japan and the world, and we will promote management activities based on the CSR Code of Conduct.

1. Promotion of fair and sound business activities and prevention of corruption

In order to earn the trust of our customers and other stakeholders, we will carry out fair business activities in compliance with relevant laws and regulations of each country, including Japan. We also work to prevent corruption in all its forms, do not make illegal political contributions, bribe public servants, and have no relationship with antisocial forces.

2. Respect for human rights

In addition to eliminating forced labor and child labor, BINAL respects the human rights of all and their fundamental rights as workers. We do not purchase goods against the background of human rights violations, such as so-called conflict minerals, in the procurement activities for providing to our customers and introducing our own equipment. Furthermore, we will prohibit any discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, etc. and respect diversity.

3. Maintain and improve proper working environment

BINAL provides a safe and comfortable working environment for employees and promotes human resource development in the medium to long term through proper management. Also, without being proud of this, we will strive to build a workplace that is always attractive and rewarding for those who work, based on the idea that “a company is a public institution.”

4. Execution of high-quality manufacturing

BINAL will make full use of its high technological capabilities as a specialized manufacturer of international logistics systems to strive to provide high quality products.

5. Protection of confidential information

BINAL has a sense of responsibility as a company involved in the IT industry and properly manages and uses all confidential information (trade secrets, personal information, etc.) that it handles. Please see the following for details of the privacy policy.

6. Preserving the global environment

BINAL positions the protection of the global environment as an important management goal and works to create a recycling-based society. Please see below for details of environmental protection guidelines.

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