About the connection with “TOSS”, the No.1 share systems of international logistics<br>systems and “TradeWaltz”, the platform of trading completely digitization.


About the connection with “TOSS”, the No.1 share systems of international logistics
systems and “TradeWaltz”, the platform of trading completely digitization.

BINAL concluded with TradeWaltz Inc., running EDI platform, about API cooperation between the systems. Details as below.

Comment of Haruhiko Okamoto(CEO of BINAL)
I have been thinking that if the all data of trading changed to digitalized, how fast the works changed.

These digitalizing of Japan is later than other countries so much.

By connecting with TOSS between BINAL and TradeWaltz, I’m sure the Japanese trading data sharing and speedy works would make not only the international competition but also contribute to Japanese economy so much. We would like to change Japan sprightly which has blockage image now.

BINAL Co. Ltd.,
TradeWaltz Inc.

BINAL which develop and sell “TOSS”, the No.1 share systems of international logistics systems, and the TradeWaltz Inc. (below TradeWaltz) which is managing trading information cooperation platform, would announce that cooperate API cooperation between the systems, and make a part of user’s document cooperation to completely digitization function as trial.

TradeWaltz is the represent platform company which is those biggest trading business companies starts to work on, for example Mitsubishi Corporation, MUFG Bank, and NTT data. And it’s the best precedence company in international logistics systems.

And TradeWaltz chose BINAL to the cooperation company from many softwarehouse companies of international logistics systems. This is because they appreciate BINAL which has the overwhelming record and share, more than 7400 companies. BINAL would use its over 40 years know-how to improve the issue of the trading environment.

Trading still has so many sharing information and transmission by using papers and it makes us not to be able to change the way to work easily.
So BINAL use the know-how of detail designing of UI and the needs of function which really needed in international logistics systems and, connect with the unification management of trading information from TradeWaltz, to suggest the working revolution by BINAL and TradeWaltz.

From BINAL Haruhiko Okamoto
I’m so impressed from TradeWaltz would like to make a revolution in international logistics systems. So we, BINAL, decided to support them. To combinate our know-how which we culvated with developed skills of the foundation of the cloud, and brock chain, we think about we will be able to contribute to International physical distribution.

From TradeWaltz Hirohisa Kojima
We really appreciate about the comment from BINAL “Why don’t you create the new trading system owing to Japan?”. We will create the wealthy society which through the trading’s efficient and tenacious with BINAL, who has the deepest understood of trading and react to it so speedy.

Attention: This is a reference sentence translated from Japanese news report into English.
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