You can trade more easily.<br>The service that makes staff around the world easier.


You can trade more easily.
The service that makes staff around the world easier.

BINAL has been considering a specific service through a business alliance with a local system company in January this year through a Singapore subsidiary.And we have launched a new service that will greatly simplify the export/import declaration process.

Information such as HS code, tariff rates, and trade agreements used in export/import declarations is revised daily in countries around the world. For this reason, it was essential for experienced staff to make judgments in order to carry out appropriate procedures. Therefore, it was a major factor that hindered work style reform in the industry.

Therefore, BINAL focused on “raw data” that travels around the world, aiming to make it easy for anyone to make appropriate declarations. Utilizing a platform that collects big data accumulated in Singapore Customs Information System and executes analysis by AI, the following functions were implemented in the TOSS series.

・Search display of appropriate tariffs for each country
・Search display of appropriate trade agreement
・Display of required documents that differ by country, etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any opinions or requests such as “I would like to trade with overseas group companies at the optimal agreement tax rate” or “I take time to prepare trade documents every time”.



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