We work normally while preventing COVID-19.<br>You can ask us anything.


We work normally while preventing COVID-19.
You can ask us anything.

To prevent COVID-19 infection, more than 80% of BINAL’s employees work from home as of May 1.

Since the beginning of February, we have been using 10 company cars to commute employees before the state of emergency issued by the government and local governments. We take thorough measures to prevent infection.

We are operating as usual. Please feel free to tell us anything.

【Our measures for infection】
・ Promoting employees to work from home.
・ Avoid use of public transportation when commuting by transporting company cars (90% less).
・ Web meetings with customers.
・ Ventilation in the office and meeting rooms.
・ Obligation to wear a mask in-house.
・ Installation of splash prevention sheet.
・ Obligation to hand wash, gargle, disinfection.
・ Introduction of the staggered attendance system and change of lunch break hours.
・ Ensuring sufficient hygiene products such as masks and disinfectants. And distribution them to all employees.
・ Instruction employees to refrain from unnecessary outings, including holidays.


We work by avoiding contact, crowding, sealing and wearing a mask.