Adopted the SAP® Clod Platform OEM!


Adopted the SAP® Clod Platform OEM!


BINAL Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of import/export and customs clearance service software (main office: Nagoya, Aichi, CEO Haruhiko Okamoto. Hereinafter the Company) is adopting OEM service SAP🄬 Cloud Platform provided by SAP Japan Co., Ltd., (main office: Chiyoda, Tokyo, CEO: Yuzuru. Hereinafter SAP Japan) to our international logistics system, TOSS series.
We invited SAP Japan Co., Ltd., CEO Yuzuru Fukuda to celebrate this event.

Recently, with the shortage of manpower in the logistics workplaces and conforming to International Accounting Standards in the background, the demand for seamless and real-time data link for both ERP basic system and international logistics system in each company.
The existing approach required to construct a linked program for each project in order to achieve this. But we introduced SAP🄬 Cloud Platform to the TOSS series and provide Web service of data link utilizing SAP API Management to meet the increasing needs.

This regularizes the linked program and reduces the cost and time to link the TOSS series and each type of ERP basic system including SAP S/4HANA®.
Contribute to smooth information processes between businesses such as traders including manufacturers and trading companies, customs brokers, NVOCC, warehousemen, insurance clerks, and banks.

Currently, we have handled roughly 30 billion yen of sales from 50 companies in two years.


Signing ceremony with SAP Japan CEO Yuzuru Fukuda and the Company’s CEO Haruhiko Okamoto.


A commemorative photo of SAP Japan CEO Yuzuru Fukuda and the Company’s executives.

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